Just started LG sciences Trifecta stack

  1. Just started LG sciences Trifecta stack

    Hey everyone, i am a 31year old male that has been lifting for 4 years. i have just decided to start the Trifecta stack from LG sciences. It is my first time trying anything PH related, as i understand the Trifecta stack is not even considered a true PH stack so therefore I was wondering if you vets think I could also stack Finaflex 1-Andro or Finaflex 550-xd with it. I just had Liver test and kidneys checked im all good just my good cholesterol is down a little so i will be supplementing for that. So what do you gentlemen think? should i stack it with a Finaflex product? Thank You for your time :]

  2. 1 androsterone would be fine to stack with the trifecta.
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  3. Thank you bro, would you say i need a SERM as well or just run the formardol xtreme PCT that comes with the stack?

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