My first 12 week Test E only Cycle

  1. My first 12 week Test E only Cycle

    Hey bro's

    I am going to run my first Test E only cycle.

    Stats; 188lbs
    3 years lifting experience,
    my 5 rep 5 set max lifts are
    Squats; 400
    Bench press: 245
    Deadlifts: 400

    Diet is 3200 calories a day 350g protein, 300g carbs, 55g fat

    my first run will consist of;

    Test E 500mg (250mg mon/250mg thurs) weeks 1-12
    HCG 500iu/ a week (250ui mon/250 ui thurs)weeks 2-12
    Adex .25 EOD week 1-12

    2 weeks after last shot

    PCT: run for 8 weeks

    Unleashed/post cycle .. As directed on bottle
    Forma Stanzol 5 pums x2 daily
    clomid 50/50/50/50/50/50

    I will be getting test work before AND after.

    How does it look so far?

  2. Everything looks good, I see you've done your research and planned this out well.

  3. Oh yea, it took months of reading and just reading threads on the subject. My first list was the ultimate bullock killer haha

    As for adex, I put .25 eod every day but I see some guys running it .50 twice a week. Is there a reason why they do .25 mon and .25 thurs?

  4. Cuz the dose on the injection days, its just another dosing protocol.

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