My PCT for 8 week Furuza Cycle

  1. Question My PCT for 8 week Furuza Cycle

    8 weeks of Furuza @ 300mg per day

    Life Support- 4 Weeks
    Torem- 120x2days/90x3days/60x6days/30x3days 14 Days*
    Firedrol- 4 weeks
    Formadrol- 4 weeks
    DHEA- 200mg/150mg/100mg/100mg 4 weeks
    Lean Fx- 8 weeks
    ZMA- 8 weeks
    Super Cissus- 8 weeks
    Fenugreek- 2g/2.5g/3g/3.5g/ 4 weeks
    Maca Root- 1g per day for 4 weeks


  2. Thoughts are please try to format this a little better. It could just be me but I'm having trouble understanding the timing of everything.

  3. Is that any better?

  4. Well, good news is, this PCT seems to be working quite well! Im day 12, havent lost any strength, my balls have dropped, gotten larger and firmer, my libido is thru the roof and I actually look way better then I did when I finished the cycle. I've lost a few lbs, but thats cause my diets much cleaner. Im way leaner, more vascular and I actually got asked today if Im on a cycle, and that was from a person who sees me daily and had no idea I was doing one thru all 8 weeks of it. Feels damn good considering I wasnt sure how this PCT would go!

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