I am buying:

32oz (~1litre) isopropyl alcahol(99%)
16oz (~500ml) DMSO
16oz (~500ml) IPM
16oz (~500ml) Oleic acid
16oz (~500ml) Propylene glycol
16oz (~500ml) isopropyl palmitate
8oz (~250ml) D-limonene

I plan to make a dermal of:

37% Isopropyl alcahol
15% IPM
15% IPP
10% Oleic acid
10% PG
5% D-limonene

By my calculation, I will need (for 2litres)

740ml IPA
300ml IPM
300ml IPP
200ml Oleic acid
200ml PG
160ml DMSO
100ml D-limonene

By my calculations I have plenty.

Now, firstly is my mix the best it could possibly be. Would you make any changes? Secondly, how much active could I fit in 2 litres?

I plan to break it down into 8 250ml containers. Would 50mg/ml be a good number to shoot for

Also, is it ok to just mix it all in a big tub, shake, and then pour into smaller tubs?

Please do not comment on my age, this is for future use. As the PH ban is approaching, I want to stock up.