Is it ok to take CLA durung S1+ cycle?

  1. Is it ok to take CLA durung S1+ cycle?

    I am curenntly on 2nd week of S1+ cycle and since the begining, I had been taking

    15g of CLA with it. I am taking it to prevent fat gaining cause by increased calory

    intake. Even though its already passed 2 weeks, I want to know if CLA cause any

    trouble with S1+. Thankx in advance.

  2. I don't see it being a problem.

    If your worried about fat gain, a little low-moderate intensity cardio 1st thing in the a.m. will help minimize fat gain... and a little cardio seems to increase recovery as well.

  3. it won't harm you. now whether it is doing much for you is another issue

  4. good supplement. wont affect your cycle.

  5. Mkae sure you take a good amount.....personally, I never saw results when taking under 8 grams a day

  6. Thanx for ur advuce guys. I thought it wouldnt hurt my cycle but I just wanted to double check. By the way, I am taking 15mg. (3 times daily 5 mg each)

  7. It never did anything for me but i havent gone quite as high as some other people here


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