Epistane and Dbol?? thoughts please

  1. Question Epistane and Dbol?? thoughts please

    Hi all, currently embarking on an epi cycle followed by clomid nolva pct, however have acquired some dbol,

    has anyone run them together? (ofcourse both low doses than if solo as of liver issues)

    peace out

  2. Sounds interesting, I don't think I've ever heard those two run together. Though I guess in theory if you bridged from the dbol it could be similar to a M1,4ADD-Epistane bridge, which I believe is at least somewhat common.

  3. id just finish ur epi cycle as planned.
    save the dbol for winter. its best for kickstarting a bulking cycle.

    if i was gonna use the two together, id bridge from the dbol to epi. not the other way around.

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