First Beastdrol Cycle Question

  1. First Beastdrol Cycle Question

    Hi guys I am New to the forum as a member but frequent the forum very often and love all the info!

    I am 27 years old and recently decided to take a buddies advice and try out my first cycle of Beastdrol.. I've been doing extensive research and I am pretty comfortable with my decision.. think I have bases covered as far as PCT as well as liver support while on my 4 week
    cycle and maybe a Test Base.

    I am currently taking a pink magic /erase stack and think.I might have wasted some hard earned cash lol :/

    Question .. I have stopped drinking any alcohol for about 2 months .. but prior I drank on a basis for many years... Would this dictate the necessity of a on cycle liver support.. and any good recomendations? Looking to pick up Beastdrol and support supps very soon .

    Should I still use the pink magic/erase in my Beastdrol cycle?

    Thank you much in advance for responses..

  2. I am going to ask you to research what you are about to do to yourself. Look up superdrol, thats what is in beastdrol. It is probably the most hepatoxic compound on the market. Enlighten me on what your pct is because you might want to check if it is golden considering you are wondering if you want liver support while taking something that rapes your liver.
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  3. What I had in mind for pct was Clomid at 50 50 50 50
    Hcgenerate oncycle as well as off.. this is info from threads and advice from friends I gathered .. which is why on here asking questions.

    And being so liver toxic I guess sd warrants a liver support on regardless . I.was just curious on other posters takes

  4. I am on a clean 2000 calorie diet but will deff up that as soon as I got the cycle squared away and ready to go! Both clean

  5. Look up my old beastdrol log I ran about 3-4 months ago. A lot of info there. I see no need to run it at 30mg. Keep it around 20mg and you MUST run liver support its way to toxic for your liver without it.

    Read up and take a look at my thread. I kept most my gains and am cutting now. It was a very good cycle.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  6. Just read through your log Dave.. sounds Luke u had quite an enjoyable cycle!! Really got me pumped up to start mine!
    So as it goes I will run Beastdrol
    20 20 20 20

    & need some suggestions on a great liver support and test base.. haha don't want to.get the lady upset And I am cool off all the lethargy... Should I run milk thistle as well?? Tryna get this cycle down to the T

  7. How did rs trans work for you?

  8. Rs-trans was a very good addition. I wouldn't run all of the supps that I did again. It was convenient the way I bought them.

    Use Cel Cycle Assist or Liv52.

    I like DAA and titanium xl for test boosters

    And have erase on hand for estrogen rebound that can happen from SD.

    Hows your pct gunna look?
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  9. Big thanks to DangerDave for all the advice.. will be starting my mission on Monday! Everything in place and ready to go!! Thinking about logging.. I appreciate everyone's input and suggestiones..

  10. Decided to run the Beast 10 20 20 20 maybe even 10 10 20 20... I'll decide first week.. rs trans came in mail today!! I was pumped

  11. Run it 10/20/20/20 not the other way. Take it 4 hour away from liver support and about 1-2 hours before lifting. On the weeks you hit 20mg dose about 6-7 hours apart and last dose falling 1-2 hours pre workout, and of course 4 hours away from liver supps so they don't kill potency.

    You will be happy with the RS-trans. Helped me fight lethargy that kicks in around week 2-3 and it keeps you hungry as fock.

    Good luck bro! You should Def log it with progress pics.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  12. Great info Dave I got the us version of liv.52 its himaleya liver care ... It says take one capsule twice per day before meals... Is this an accurate dose for what I am using it for?

  13. I take 3.. last dose take the 2
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  14. As long as you take it 4 hours apart from the SD.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  15. Ok ok so 6 total a day like 2 2 2 ...... Or 3 3 2 and deff 4 hours apart from sd thanks gentlemen

  16. Wtf?
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  17. Lmao I meant per day 6 liv 52 a day. 2/wake up. 2/lunch. 2/dinner or 1...1..&1

  18. 1/2
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  19. Perfect thank u sir


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