First cycle help? Test e and dbol

  1. First cycle help? Test e and dbol

    Im looking to start my first cycle here in a couple months and need help putting together a cycle. I am 20 years old, 5"10 and about 180 lbs. I've been seriously lifting hard for over 2 years.

    Test e (week 1-11) 350mg
    Dbol (week 1-4) 30mg

    aromasin on hand if any sides occur during cycle or take 12.5 mg eod.

    Pct: nolva 30/30/20/20. And run aromasin unsure of mg.

    None of this is set in stone. Just something to start with. What would you guys change/add?

  2. your age to 21

  3. I turn 21 in June. Which is when I'll be starting the cycle hopefully

  4. Age doesn't mean everything. 21 isn't a magic number. The appropriate time to start using AAS or PHs is when your natural test levels peak and no longer increase. It's typically around lower to mid 20's. I dk why people emphasize so much on the number 21; it means very little in the anabolic world.

    I would only run one compound your 1st cycle. Drop the dbol and run test E at 600mgs for 12 weeks. Inject 250iu of HCG twice a week. Start the Aromasin on the beginning of the 3rd week at 12.5mg e3d; eod only if needed, and continue throughout cycle. Start PCT 2 weeks after last test and HCG pin. You can use aromasin to help fight e2 rebound starting the 3rd week of your PCT around the same dose e3d. Also get a good test booster to stack in; DAA is always welcomed in a PCT.

    Ingest a high amount of protein, complex carbs, and whole grains; lift like a beast, eat like a horse, and hold on!
    Kill The Man To Become The Monster

  5. Agree ^^^^

    Run test first by itself see where your at then next cycle add like dbol or deca or whatever.

    Dbol is hard on your system. Make sure you pre load liver support and use during your cycle. Not new info just regurgitating what these much smarter guys on here have shared with me.

    Test by itself especially at 20 years old will blow you up I think. Won't even need dbol for your first cycle.

    Just my two cents. Good luck man

  6. Thank you so much


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