How to stack M1T and S1+?

  1. Question How to stack M1T and S1+?

    I am considering a new cycle with M1T and S1+.

    Should I run:
    A) S1+ for 6 weeks and then M1T for 2 weeks
    B) M1T for 2 weeks and then S1+ for 6 weeks
    C) S1+/M1T for 2 weeks then S1+ for 4 weeks
    D) S1+ for 4 weeks then S1+/M1T for 2 weeks?

    Which one do you think is optimal, and why?

    Oh yeah, I have Nolva for PCT.

  2. I vote for C since the 1-test takes a couple of weeks to fully kick in. You'll get the quick benefits of the M1T while waiting. Sort of a jumpstart. Only thing that sucks about that is that the 4AD will take a week or so to kick in. So, you'll be fighting the M1T sides without the benefit of the 4AD to counter. But, you can tuff it out for the first week, right?

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  3. I vote for C 1-6 s1+ 1-2m1t Jumpstart ur cycle with the m1t then come week
    two the 1test in the spray will already be kicked in. Exactly what im starting next
    week. Cept not s1+ but tgel del. Front load some 4ad by its self then you wont
    have to deal with it for a week.

  4. Definitely C, but like stated above if you are really concerned with lethargy from the M1T than you could frontload the cycle with 4-AD a week earlier.

  5. I personally would go for 4 weeks m1t and 6 s1+

  6. Is the shut down from m1t worse than 1t? if so I would think put the harsh stuff on the end of the cycle.

  7. eventully its the same m1t just does it quicker
  8. tattoopierced1
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    I think option C as well.

  9. Cool, thanks for the help guys. I did a cycle of M1T (15mg) before and the lethargy was not too bad. I guess that is the way I will go.


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