Anyone try MK-677 yet?

  1. Anyone try MK-677 yet?

    It's a SARM by the name of Ibutamoren.Looks interesting.Any info?

  2. have you already tried ostarine?


    Just read through one paper studying the effects of it on GH-deficient patients, kids to be precise. There was also a control group in the study with baseline GH. At the doses used, the GH deficient patients responded very underwhelmingly to the compound. However, they state in the paper that those with baseline GH (that is, healthy/normal GH) had greater responses to the same dose as the GH-deficient groups.

    Important to note is that the high dose used was a "pretty high" dose (low dose was 0.2mg/kg, high dose was 0.8mg/kg). This would mean for a 220lb bodybuilder, the high dose would correspond to 80mg. I unfortunately did not see in the paper described above how great the change was in GH for the healthy crowd, but that's not a promising detail. For comparison, remember that the ostarine studies were performed using 3mg of drug, and we bodybuilders currently dose it at 12.5-40mg. Anyways, the paper also brings up a concern, which is that elevated transaminase levels were noted when taking the drug, which could correlate with drug-related toxicity.

  4. EDIT: woops, re-read the figures and found the info I was looking for. Sadly they don't provide an analysis on the raw numbers for the baseline group. They only represented the results in a graph. From the graph, though, it looks like while there was a significant increase in GH and IGF-1, it was all within normal range. So, it'd be like taking a test booster supplement, basically; just like test booster supps increase testosterone (sometimes) within normal range, this would only increase GH within normal range. But this is with the 80mg of drug.

    Also, important to note: this was a 2 week study, very short term.

  5. Potentially interesting new secretagogue MK-677

    Now there's some good info.

    One of the points brought up there, however, is one I mentioned: you'd have to consume a lot of the drug for the effects described in the literature. Moreover, it seems like the increase in GH from this drug is no different from using any of the other classified GHRP derivatives.

    The few positives ascribed to this compound is no negative impact on cortisol (it wont raise it), and no desensitization to the drug over prolonged use (1 year).

  6. I am 3 weeks into using Osta and MK-677 stacked with part of my cut up.

    Running Osta 15mg ED and MK-677 25mg ED.

    First week I noticed a really deep sleep but this has faded, the last few days hunger has gone through the roof but I have leaned with a moderate calorie reduction - strength has remained with a couple of lifts improving a little.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by uubiduu View Post
    have you already tried ostarine?
    Doing so now in pct.Just researching...thats all


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