The Boladrol Controversy

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    The Boladrol Controversy

    I recently ran a cycle of Boladrol, and I must say, I was surprised with the results. I fully anticipated to essentially waste my time with the product, however, I couldn't bear to get rid of it since I paid so much for it.

    My cycle went as follows:
    Week 1: 4 mg (just to test their suggested dosage) Starting Weight: 181 Yielded absolutely no results, not even a 'placebo pump' The only reason I would even hope to feel something so soon, though, is because their advertisements were pretty adamant that it was the "fastest acting product on the market...within 2 to 3 days results will be seen..." Garbage. I didn't even get any sides to let me know something is going on. Day 1 BP: 115/78 Day 7 BP: 110/75

    Week 2: I decided to go balls to the wall from here on out.
    12 mg spread evenly throughout the day. I started to feel a little pump. Something was definitely doing something. My weight increased from 182-186 by the end of the week, however, this could be just water retention, so I didn't give it much though. No sides
    Day 8 Bp: 118/80 Day 14 BP: 126/ 84 (slight rise in BP, but not much)

    Week 3: 16 mg Extreme lethargy. Combatted with small doses of DHEA, but still, this was like my SD lethargy. Noticable signs of shutdown. Without going too far into details, it is needless to say that my girlfriend noticed something was off. That being said, the product was irrevocably working. My bench max day happend to occur on the 5th day of this week, and I have been sitting around 275 max since the end of my last cycle (E-Stane). My bench max was, very pleasingly, 305. Could it be the Boladrol? Quite possibly. I also noticed some tren-like vascularity. Weight increased from 182-191 Day 15 BP: 128/84 Day 21 BP: 135/85

    Week 4: 18mg Lethargy decreased, possibly due to my constant use of DHEA. Moderate Acne (could be unrelated, but unlikely) At this point, my libido was shot; my body simply could not process was the mind desired. The boys saw their shadow and went back for six more weeks of winter. However, my lifts continued to increase and I felt unstoppable. This was, actually, the first time I have ever experienced any sort of 'roid rage' per se. I noticed I was inexplicably angry rather often. I also experience horrific back pumps. So much so that I ran out of taurine trying to combat them. Weight increased from 191-197. Day 22BP: 134/84 Day 28 BP: 155/ 96

    So what's the verdict? I definitely filled out on the Boladrol cyle. My strength increased, vascularity increased, blood pressure increased. The cycle was horribly expensive to run, the sides were almost unbearable, the gains were similar to E-Stane. Was it worth it? Well, the E-Stane gave me similar results, with nearly none of the sides. If I had to, I'd do it again, but I'm not going out of my way to buy more of it, that's for sure.

    The jury is out.

  2. cool thanks for this log, ive looked over alot of info on boladrol. from all the research i did they severely under dosed the product. sides suck but a 16 lbs gain is pretty awesome. congratulations

  3. Yeah good job on the gains, sucks u had such sh*tty sides though. Yeah it is severely underdosed, I feel bad for the ppl who dropped so much money on it.

  4. to be honest even if i pinned i dont think i would run bold. i would stick to tren.

  5. I'd run them both, cuz eq is still nice for vascularity and the appetite increase plus the water retention is low. Tren would keep u dry and tight, they'd compliment each other well in a cycle.



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