Beastdrol/Epi Bridge with Forma and Clen for Recomp

  1. Beastdrol/Epi Bridge with Forma and Clen for Recomp

    Currently 222 at 14% BF and 6 foot 1. I want to do a recomp cycle and am looking to do DoggCrapp and cardio with a perfect diet. Diet is spot on (track every calorie). Macros are 2g of protein per pound, 175 carbs (carb senitive) and the rest fat. Here is the stack.

    Beastdrol - 20/30/30/0/0/0
    Havoc - 0/0/40/40/50/50
    Forma-Stanzol 100/100/100/0/0/0 then add again for PCT

    I want to use the beasdrol to add some lean size and stack with formastanzol for ai protection then bridge to Epi. I want to add clenbuterol with the epistane for a perfect recomp cycle then finish off with a serm, forma and hcgenerate for pct.

    How does this stack look? How would you use the Clen with the epi on cycle after the beastdrol? I know 2x on then 2x off, or should I use benadryl and run for the three solo weeks on epistane?


  2. This looks good bro, idk what would b the more effective way to use clen though. I've read that using benadryl is just bro-science and that u really should use ketotifen.

  3. Never used benadryl but it does work. Using ketotifen now and that's really easy to get from wherever you get your SERM.

  4. Thx guys. So epi and clen is good to go stacked together after beastdrol?

  5. I don't see anything wrong with it, just watch your blood pressure.



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