H-Drol / Stanodrol Stack Dosage?

  1. H-Drol / Stanodrol Stack Dosage?

    Been doing a lot of searching, but most of the threads I've found in regards to a H-Drol/Stanodrol stack are referring to the old version of Stanodrol which came in 150mg and not the new LGI Stano-200 which comes in 200mg. I was considering stacking AndroHard, but at $260 for two bottles it's not economically viable for me. Also considered P-Stanz and Katanadrol, but they are also both really expensive, and I think Stanodrol combined with H-Drol will work for me. As of now I have one bottle of Helladrol, and am deciding if I need one bottle or two bottles of Stanodrol for the stack. I'm looking at running H-Drol at 75/75/75/100/100/100. If I run Stano at 400/400/400/400/400/400 I believe I can get away with one bottle. Will this be effective? Or should I dose at 600 and buy the second bottle? I have been preloading Cycle Assist and have Torem for a SERM. So any advice on the dosage for both Stanodrol/H-Drol would be great.

  2. Bump advice on Stano dose or thoughts on stano v. propodrol please?

  3. Search "stano bible" on google. You xan run it 300-600. I've never used propadrol though

  4. Stanodrol is a great stacking compound. It is subtle in its effects but has an amzing ability to aleviate a number of the more irritating sides associated with other compounds. It is great with SD for instance and clears up a hell of a lot of the lethargy issues - stacked with H-Drol clone it should help provide a little further leaning while giveing a bit more energy and feel good throughout.

    I would run the H-Drol at 75-100mg ED and Stano at 400-600mg ED. It would be a really nice recomp cycle.

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