Problems with heartbeats getting unusual on h-drol even in PCT!!

  1. Problems with heartbeats getting unusual on h-drol even in PCT!!

    Hi to all, I'm new here.
    I ask here, because in other fórums here in spain, there's no knowledge about h-drol and prohormones.
    So I did not get any sides during the cycle, except crazy heartbeats. It started week 3, during workouts, i felt how after a workout, my heart was pumping blood. it was a great feeling. but later, i felt the same feeling when I wanted to go to bed. I went to the idoctor and he said that pressure was ok, but i feel there's something strange going on. so i discovered that cycle assist helped me totally out with the issue, and I took 2 pills a day until the end of cycle. I stopped taking Cycle assist, and after a week in PCT, I was feeling the same problem. so I went back on cycle assist, 4 pills a day, and now I'm ending week 3 of PCT, and even wit cycle assist, I feel this strange heartbeats.
    WTF, I'm getting mad, i had no sides and I was wondering why, and now why is this happenig?? thanks!

  2. I forgot, I'm 27 yo, weight 77kg, 1,85m and 14%BF.

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