Prohormones associated with back pain?

  1. Prohormones associated with back pain?

    Need some advice on this. I am currently on my 4th week of m-stane and winabol. About a week ago I noticed slight lower back pain and the left lower part of my back is sensitive to touch. It feels like a sunburn but without the redness. Has anyone had similar symptoms while on a prohormone? I will probably go see my doctor but my blood results will be so jacked up that I was thinking of waiting until after PCT before I go. Just wondering if this could be related to the prohormone or something else? Thanks

  2. Lmao, welcome to steroids & back pumps

  3. Get some taurine

  4. Lol X-D what Jbry said... Welcome... Taurine ^^^ 3g before workouts. Potassium helps as well
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  5. Haha ok thanks. I will start taking taurine ASAP and see if it helps.

  6. What is it that cause the kidney pain? Is it only the methylated hormones? kidneys were f*cked on pmag even with taurine.almost crippling

  7. Quote Originally Posted by machorox123
    What is it that cause the kidney pain? Is it only the methylated hormones? kidneys were f*cked on pmag even with taurine.almost crippling
    I hope your joking lol
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  8. may need to adjust your water intake then most likely increase it.

    back pumps if not taken care of at the first sign, will lead to cramps in you back & it knotting up.

    proper micro nutrient intake, along with water helps, most important is form, and keeping the core strong & tight during exercises.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Airborne42

    I hope your joking lol
    Dead serious.. Im sure its the methylated ones. Just wanna understand exactly why and the science of it more like why dont people get liver pains if it passes through the liver before the kidneys

  10. The back pumps can have different causes, but I think it's mostly related to nephrotropic effects. Epithelial cells in the area of the proximal and distal tubuli controrti become hypertropic and increase in size and weight, especially with 5a-reduced orals. The cells of the parietal leaf of the Bowman's capsule increase in thickness. Protein, water content and enzymes increase proportional to the weight change. Acidosis and mineral retention means that not only are the kidneys bigger, but they are holding more electrolytes so they're swollen too. Increased blood flow to the capsule may play a role too.

    As far as Taurine helping, I think that's possibly related to it's correction of rapid osmotic changes in the kidney and muscle cells. Taurine helps cells hold potassium and magnesium, but simultaneously discourages sodium retention. If you're already on a good potassium supplement (1g potassium gluconate 3x/day), I don't think taurine is generally needed.
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  11. Taurine from what I have seen is going to be dosed at 3-5g 30-40 minutes before workout. Increasing potassium intake will also help alleviate the problems which should be done via diet not supplements.
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  12. I don't nor have I ever used those ancillaries on/off cycle.

    ...just saying.

  13. I never use any myself
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