Stupid dumb big bulk time w/ m1,4add and some other bull****.

  1. Thumbs up Stupid dumb big bulk time w/ m1,4add and some other bull****.

    Finally decided to stop lurking around and see if anyone on here can offer an educated opinion.
    It is time to bulk up.
    I was planning on running Hard Rock's m1,4add clone for 120/120/120/120/120/120
    Maybe stacking it with havoc or trenazone, both of which I have a couple bottles of.
    However, I'm wary of stacking multiple compounds, as typically the additional gains aren't worth it relation to the sides.
    Also, i wanted input regarding Dermacrine as a "test" base
    In the past I've run SD, dymethazine, max-lmg, and 19-nor, as well as pinned sus250, test prop and tren ace. It has been well over a year since I've taken any sort of AAS/PH

    Already preloaded purus lab's organ shield for the past two weeks, have nolva for pct and letro on hand if **** gets nippy, and have Destruct by synergy to run on cycle as an AI.
    Will run fish oil, a multi, creatine, milk thistle, and such, and try to take in 4500 calories a day.

    Now, besides more food, what could i do to maximize gains and not feel like a bag of ****?

  2. You're gonna log this, right? If so, you can count me in. I'd be interested to see what M1,4ADD solo can do
    Life is nothing but big macs and hoes.

  3. I'd stack this with epi and use a test base. Sh*t I would just pin test with it for a test base.

  4. Lol trust me I'd love to pin test again, but right now it's out of the question for a number of reasons.

  5. Please log, I'm very interested. If u were to change anything I would run m1 at 60 for 4 weeks and dzine at 45 for 6 weeks with a test base. But I like ur original plan alot. I think the extra water gain will really help solidify muscle.

  6. i'll log it in the appropriate section once i start!


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