Second Cycle Recomp Questions

  1. Second Cycle Recomp Questions

    I am starting my second cycle next month. I will do dymethazine for a second time.Last time I put on 5 lbs in a 30 day cycle of 30 mg per day. This time I plan 45 mg for five weeks. My question is how best to eat during a cycle where I am not as concerned with weight gain but am concerned with size and strength gain. I want some lean body mass added. I am 58 years old so my needs may be different from many guys.I know many may feel I need to eat a lot but at my age fat is hard to lose while keeping muscle.

    Last cycle went great, strength gains like I hadn't had in 30 years. I really have only lost a little strength since pct ended over 2 months ago. I even gained on some lifts during pct as well. Bodyfat seems to have risen since coming off cycle.

    Any suggestions on eating, gaining lean size, exercise selection etc would be appreciated, especially from experienced guys over 50 who have had good results. Thanks.

  2. No ideas from anyone?

  3. I'm not sure with your age. But my recommendation would be look in the nutrition are or over 35 forum.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

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