Epi/katana cycle advice/changes

  1. Epi/katana cycle advice/changes

    Ok this is how I had my cycle laid out,Epi 30-40-40-40
    Katana 0-250-250-250-250
    Forma stanzol 5 pumps while on
    Albuterol nebulizer 3-4 drafts daily
    Running a Recomp
    Cycle slow kick off as far as gains but that's to be standard with epi
    I trying to figure out exactly the best way to go about extended the cycle to 6-7weeks to really maximize bf% drop with some good gains. I'm two weeks in and running cals at maintanence or slightly higher counting damn shakes so macros look like 2300-2500cals/ 180-200carb/90-100fats/250-300+ protein

    Thinking about another bottle of katana to hit the sweet spot for the remainder and extend the cycle that way or maybe through more epi or bps dermacrine bridged toward the end. This is my 3rd cycle and I'm giving FST-7 a run for the money. I can log this out if it helps anyone.

    Any and alll input is always appreciated,

  2. Grab another bottle of katana bro.

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