First time PH cycle - Need Advice and Suggestions!

  1. First time PH cycle - Need Advice and Suggestions!

    So I just finished a Bioforge/Triazole cycle almost two months ago. I've been doing some research on PH's and PCT's, but it seems like there are so many out there it's a little overwhelming to me. I just ordered 2 bottles of Torem, and will be ordering cycle support later today. So I guess all I need now is the PH and a testbooster to run with Torem for PCT. I'm 6'1, 185lbs, and probably about 10% body fat. Basically I'm hoping someone can throw out a few names for me of PH's they think would be good for a first time user so I can research those options further. Two that I've thought look good so far are H-Drol or Cynostane. Anyway, any further advice or suggestions for me would be highly appreciated.

  2. Epistane is pretty mild as far as sides go and it's excellent in building strength . Gains would be dry and you get some good vascularity and hardening effects.
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  3. I ran hdrol for my first. Pretty mild and gave me good results in strength and leaning.

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  4. I'm leaning towards H-Drol, it seems to have good reviews with minimal side effects. So this is what I'm looking at running, if anyone wants to give me any additional suggestions or tweaks to what I have planned please do.

    H-Drol 6 week cycle: 50/50/75/100/100/100 + Cycle assist + Fish oil

    PCT: Torem (4 weeks, could use advice on dose) + PCT Assist

    Do I need a natty test booster for PCT? Do I need to take cycle assist for a week or two prior to starting H-Drol?

  5. Hdrol and pmag are interchangeable as far as intensity goes. You might also want to look at mechabol as it is basically an orally active pmag.



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