5aa cyp concentration

  1. 5aa cyp concentration

    im about to start a 5aa cyp w m1t cycle this week and was wondering what concentration to make the 5aacyp i was planning on 500mg per week.

    will i be able to get the concentration to 250 mg/ml or should i aim lower like 200mg a ml.

    does anyone have any experience with this....from what ive been able to find 500mgs a week should be fine correct???

  2. Mine was flawless at 200mg/ml using the 4ad cyp conversion method (I used both BB and BA, forgot the amounts). I ran it at around 600 a week, IIRC. You may be able to go to 250mg/cc, but if you are only running 500 a week I don't see why you'd need more than 200/cc. It's good ****, probably the best thing around for the price right now.

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