ok.... sell me on something other than adex!

  1. ok.... sell me on something other than adex!

    Been taking adex .5mg eod while on my cycles,,, I'm willing to try something else,, almost out of adex.... does anything work better and/or have more to offer?
    Erase pro?
    anything at all,,, I'm all ears!!
    Please justify your suggestions

  2. Bump,, I'm bored at work,, be cool to spend some money before I leave!

  3. Not 100% sure on this but I don't think you want to take erase pro while on cycle.

  4. Bump for any suggestions for on cycle estrogen control besides adex

  5. How about exemestane? I read good things.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkaBRAND
    How about exemestane? I read good things.
    Ever used it yourself?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by grngoloco View Post
    Ever used it yourself?
    Nope. If I do wind up using a prescription AI, that's what it will be. After hours of googling, I've found that it has the most consistently positive reviews of the big 3 (letro, adex, aromasin).

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