15g 4ad brew

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    15g 4ad brew

    Just curious if anyone has tried 15g of 4ad in Tgel w/dmso?

    Im not worried about keeping my girlish figure, nor do i need any help bein lethargic. Plus $30 aint bad. I was planning on 350-360mg/day for 6 weeks, taking formasin the whole time, and 6oxo afterwards (or [email protected]). What do you guys thinK?

    oh yea....5'11" 172lbs, 24 yr old....Ill post a pic in the pics section.


  2. It won't all go in.... 12g is even pushing the limit... It will be very chalcky and probably leave raw ph on your skin... Hope that helps.. talk to ya..
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  3. hemotep
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    Well damn. Change of plans...two bottles of T4 for 6 weeks,
    thats 570mg 4ad a day...formasin the whole time, 6 oxo after. Ive done ph's before, (T1, back in Nov/Dec). Too much? Too Long?

  4. I would not run any anti e with it. You shoudl not need it. 4-ad's conversion to estrogen is low... Also it will hinder your gains a bit . It will keep alot of the water out of your system. WATER GOOOOD... hehehe. Keep it on hand just in case thoug. You never know. Then run the 6-oxo after.. I don't think its too much or too long.. I think its good. talk to ya..
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  5. So you would wait until you notice a problem before you would take an anti-e(Aromazap for myself, 1 tab 50mg) during the cycle. I'm stacking 19-Nordiol(135mg/day), 1-Test(450mg/day), 4-AD(600mg/day), and next week add 5-AD(450mg/day).



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