original finaflex 550xd vs epi

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    original finaflex 550xd vs epi

    I just finished a 6 week cycle of epi. It wasn't to bad, I gained about 4.5 lbs, leaned out some and strength went up.
    I think I responded better to 550xd. I felt that alpha male I'm king dingaling feeling while on the 550xd and gained more. At the time I didn't know what a pct was and I really didn't keep what I gained on the 550xd. I was dumb, it was giving to me, I took it and I didn't know anything about it. Yeah I was the kid who got in the car for a piece of candy.
    What was in the original 550xd? I'm planning a head for my next cycle and looking for something comparable. I felt great while on it, could stay in the gym for hours or wake up in the middle of the night and start doing push ups.

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    I believe it was superdrol and x-tren.

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