Sup brahs? New to this forum, found it about a week ago, decided I must join so those of you who know better can help me get to the next level. Anyways here's the rundown of products for my Havoc cycle I plan to run in May. Planning ahead ftw! Please, please, please give any feedback. I'd really appreciate what y'all have to offer me.

RPN Havoc-2 Bottles=180 10mg caps
DS Lean Xtreme 1 Bottle=90 caps
AI Cycle Support--orange flavor-1 tub=72 scoops
Liquid Nolva
NMDA- iForce INTIMIDATE-1 bottle=30 30mg NMDA caps
generic Saw Palmetto caps
taurine 1000mg caps--in case of back/calf pumps which I'm prone to.
Animal Pak--if I can stand it... Seems toxic for some reason to me.
ON Whey Protein
Chicken Breasts
Whole Grain Spaghetti
Peanut Butter

It looks a lil something like this
Animal Pak throughout
Week 1-2: liv52, cycle support @recommended bottle dose
Week 2-3: liv52, cycle support | Havoc 20mg
Week 3-4: liv52, cycle support | Havoc 30mg
Week 4-5: liv52, cycle support | Havoc 30mg
WeekS 5-7: liv52, cycle support | Havoc 40mg
Weeks 7-9: liv52, cycle support | Nolva 20mg | LX 1cap 2xdaily |INTIMIDATE 1cap
Weeks 8-10 liv52, cycle support | Nolva 10mg | LX 1 cap 2xdaily| INTIMIDATE 1cap
Week 11: