Let me begin by saying I will start my first cycle in May and Im greatly looking forward to it. I have been doing much research the past year, and I now fully understand what Im getting into. I set my mind on H-Drol for a couple of reasons. I chose this because from what Ive researched and have been told its mild, controllable, yet very effective. Perfect for a first cycle. Below I have my profile, my concerns, my goals, and my grocery list of planned supplements as well as schedule for this cycle. Any help/motivation will be greatly appreciated.


24 years old
190 lbs
6 years lifting and physical training
Main exercise style is Circuit Training incorporating Sprints, Light Weights, but mostly body composition lifts.
This will be my First Cycle


The main goal here is CUTTING
H-Drol @ 50mg for 4 weeks (I know its low but Im just getting my feet wet, I plan on upping in the future)
3000 total Calories Daily
300 grams Protein Daily
Drop down to 185 lbs
Pull-Ups from 20 max to 25 max
Push-Ups from 90 max in 2 mins to 100 max in 2 mins
Increase Bench 15 lbs
Increase Military Press 10 lbs
Increase Vertical Leap 2 inches
Decrease 3-mile Run Time 1 minute


I understand you cant drink, for obvious reasons, but I was wondering if 1-4 beers in a night would be okay. If not, whatever, no big deal.

Ive been doing much research on what PCT to get and everything, everyone suggested you need a prescription. I was wondering what PCT should I get without having to get a prescription from a doctor? And, how would you take it, dosage wise week by week?

Is it a good idea to be taking ZMA before bed during the actual cycling phase, or is it completely useless because my testosterone production will be down?

How would you spread out the Assist and the H-Drol? (I workout about mid-day)

Stupid question: I workout on an odd pattern of three days on then one day off, I still take my 50mg on rest days, right?


Begining-End (Weeks 1 9):

1.5 servings *** Mega Men Sport Vitamins [Throughout the day with meals]
4 capsules Competitive Edge Cycle Assist
3000mg Fish Oil (Joints) [Throughout the day with meals]
3000mg Milk Thistle (Liver) [Throughout the day with meals]
100mg Vitamin B-6 (Protein Digestion and Energy) [Taken Before Bed]
500mg Magnesium (Bone and Muscle Health) [Taken Before Bed]
50 mg Zinc (Immune System) [Taken Before Bed]

Pre-Cycle (Week 1):
***all supplements named above***

Cycle (Weeks 2-5):

50mg H-Drol [25mg After Breakfast; 25mg 30 mins before workout]
*** in addition all the supplements named above***

Post Cycle Therapy (Weeks 6-9):

*Needed Suggestion: What PCT should I get without having to get a prescription? Is A-HD any good?*
Jack3d (Pre-Workout)
XTend (Intra-Workout)
4000mg Creatine
Tribulus Terrestris (92.8% Saponins)
Horny Goat Weed
***in addition all the supplements named above except H-Drol obviously***

thanks for everything gents,
drive fast, take chances