Perfect Bottle for Oral Solution

  1. Question Perfect Bottle for Oral Solution

    I've been looking for the perfect bottle/container/ect. Something that would hold a decent amount of solution, yet not so deep that you'd have trouble getting your oral syringe down to the bottom.

    Right now I have some M5AA/PEG-400 ghetto-rigged in a small Kraft Mayo Jar.

    Help me out here bros!!! A link would be great!

  2. Some bro's here have been using glass baby food jars. That's probably what I'll try next.

  3. What do you consider a decent amount of solution? I really like the caps on Custom's bottles where you can turn the bottle upside down and draw the solution. But the bottles are pretty small. Maybe there's a larger bottle out there somewhere, that one of Custom's caps will fit on. For me, that would be ideal.


  4. BUMP on this. Where to get 8 ounce bottles with the Custom-style tops?

    There has to be a cheap source out there.

  5. The best solution I came up with is to mix and store larger batches in a glass bottle like the ones that you get rice vinegar or specialised cooking oils in. Then just transfer into an old beta bottle like Sldge uses as needed.

  6. I use mason jars and baby food jars.

  7. Ditto on small 8 oz olive oil bottles. I've heard of people using mini liquor bottles as well.


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