Nolva + Arimidex (Femara) = Good dieting combo???

  1. Nolva + Arimidex (Femara) = Good dieting combo???

    Hey everybody. As you can see I'm brand new. I am entering a fitness contest tomorrow at the local gym. The winner gets a trip for two to Hawaii. The catch is that you have to buy 3 training sessions with a "certified" personal trainer. I've never been into the whole personal training thing, but my girl is buying it for me, so what the hell. Anyway, I just got back from Olive Garden where I stuffed my face full of there endless pasta bowls (feels like I ate 10 pounds of Alfredo sauce), and I'm wondering what I can do to shed some good pounds in 7 weeks. Now the contest is going to take into count bf% loss (using calipers) and waist size and some other ****. Basically, I've done two cycles of gear previously with moderate success, but I'm not looking to go back. Will Nolva and Arimidex be effective if I'm just using it for estrogen suppression? If so, what suggestions do you have for a natural (or simply non-steroidal) test enhancer. I know trib works somewhat, but any other suggestions? I know Nolva stimulates LH, but is that enough for someone not on gear to get an "edge"? I currently weigh about 245 at 6'2", and I'm about as out of shape as I've ever been. I'm getting geared up for the contest you know! It's not about how you look at the end, it's how much you CHANGED during the contest. Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Sorry for the long rambling paragraph!


  2. First things first. DO NOT EAT AT OLIVE GARDEN. most pasta is nothing but carbs and fat combos. you might as well be eating fries.

    no, the anti e aren't going to do **** for you.

    I would stick to green tea and such myself. If your looking for a legal bost then go try some of chemos T1 heat. (if thats the right name)

    you can also try clen.

  3. Whatever you do don't use both femera and nolvadex. Femera is very strong and their is such a thing as getting your estrogen to low. If I was you I'd pick up some ephedrine Hcl and some caffeeine. Run the ephedrine at 25mgs and caffeeine at 200mgs. Use that 2 to 3 times every day.

  4. Thanks for the replies. Actually, I never eat white flour or sugar I'm only doing it to gain some weight right befor e I weigh in tonight. I figure I can pack on 5 quick pounds, and then drop them within a week. Anyway, anti-e's are not going to give me any benefit if not followed by a AS cycle? I figure that lowered estrogen levels will keep water weight off and that a higher test to estro. level will also be beneficial. I know that Nolva is treated like estro. in the liver, so I wouldn't kill my cholesterol levels. Anybody else have any commentary on this issue? I have always had a problem with my muscles being not very firm. I have the strength, but I've always had a layer of water (and fat) that keeps my vascularity down. Are you saying that these anti-e's will not be benenficial in this area? Thanks in advance. Just looking for some good advice here. Thanks again to those who have replied.


  5. Well...... Since this is about how much you can change in seven weeks, I would follow the advice given. Cycle your clen and Caffeine/ephedrine, drink the green tea (and plenty of water). For the final week, check out an article written by Swolecat - Seven days to ultimate leanness, or something like that. The dude has it on his website.

    I have never done it, but it looks like it will strip much water and a little fat in your final week.

    Just my .02 - good luck!

  6. Here's a good stack:

    Nutrex's Lipo 6 gel caps:
    Synephrine HCL-20mg
    Guggulsterones Z&E-20mg
    Yohimbine HCL-3mg
    Caffeine Anhydrous-200mg

    plus Ephedrine HCL-25mg

    With a proper diet and cardio, you will shred.

  7. Bro if your looking to lose weight then get you diet in check and start doing some cardio. If you don't get those two things straight then you'll just gain whatever weight you may lose from the clen, or whatever you use, right back. If all you're worried about is winning this contest than I guess you could be succesful w/this plan. But if you want to make permanent changes your gonna have to get your diet, and training down. And it sounds like your girl is trying to get your ass back in shape so you may want to think about that.

    If you really want to win this contest then spend a few hundred on Bobo's services (Flanutrition). He will get you into shape, and I'm sure will give you a plan to follow to keep you in shape. Check out his forum he's already got quite a few success stories on there.


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