Poll: Okay to take Methyls with grapefruit juice?

take methyls with grapefruit juice?

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  1. take methyls with grapefruit juice?

    good idea?
    bad idea?

  2. Good idea. There is a scientific basis for it. Read the brief post on DesignerSupps' site. You should get more value for your methyl dollar.

  3. I read the post, must not have been thorough enough. All I remember was stuff about prescription drugs.

  4. It talks about prescription drugs, but in theory it may be applicable to PH's as well, by blocking the enzymes that break down and excrete the compounds...

  5. certainly couldnt hurt
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  6. that DS article didn't help me figure out if it helps for methyls or not, but my own understanding of it is that it does. I ate 1/2 a ruby red or drank some fresh juice with my M doses on cycle. Sure miss those grapefruits! I guess I could have my lab rats chase their nolva with some....

  7. Great idea! To get an idea of whether it "works" or not, take some ECA one day. The next day eat a half or whole grapefruit, and take your ECA about 45 min later.

    "Take 2 of these and call me in the morning "


  8. It would be nice to find out the exact content of grapefruit essential oil or other distillation. If one can be found with the active we are concerned with, a person could just buy a bottle of oil and use a drop or two at a time. - Many people find the taste of grapefruit foul, or at least not something they want to scarf down thrice daily.

  9. Does this mean it may be a bad idea as well? If less of the substance is broken down in the stomach.

  10. I seen some ph bottles with bergamotin (spelling) in it. that is whats in the grapefruit that affects the enzymes. I had a bottle of 4ad, I think, and did a search on the internet to find out what all the ingredients were for. seen some studies that said it enhances the affect of presc. drugs and not to eat grapefruit with certain presc. drugs because it can put deadly amounts in your body. I guess they account for the liver to destroy some of the drug and when grapefruit blocks it then you get an overdose.

  11. that study was a little over my head. whats the side effects in laymans terms.

  12. As I understand it.

    It means that overall cortisol levels are kept at slightly higher levels due to inhibition of conversion to cortisone.

    Cortisol = Bad.

  13. cool thanks. does the cortisol raise estrogen levels?

  14. No, cortisil is catabolic. (muscle wasting/breaking down)

  15. would something like grapefruit pectin from now foods (http://www.1fast400.com/?products_****1092) be good in place of drinking the juice?

  16. How many Ozs do yall Use?

  17. I tried it with ephedrine today. I took 250ml juice 35mins prior to my eph. and I cant say I noticed a huge difference, maybe a little, but not a lot at all.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by meathead1987
    maybe a little, but not a lot at all.
    you can account that to placibo effect

  19. Quote Originally Posted by sonicbum
    you can account that to placibo effect
    I agree.

    I will try it with 500ml GF juice on wednesday and see what happens. I will also try with a whole GF on thursday. Hopefully I willl get something from that. I dont want to push it over the 500ml mark simply because of the sugar intake. 500ml is something like 45g sugar.

  20. A couple of things we do with GF Juice. First the stuff works great with all fat burners. It just seems to make everything work better. So we follow the advice Dan Duchaine had years ago before he passed on. He always mentioned using canned GF juice because it was more concentrated. So we get the really small cans. They are about 3-5 ounces I guess. I use 2 cans a day with certain supplements. Now with the stimulants it definetly keeps them going longer so be prepared especially if you use stimulants in the later part of the afternoon.

    Now when it comes to oral PH's we noticed that everyone who used canned GF juice along with the 1AD,4AD cycle was very happy with the enhanced results. Everyone who did it noticed much better results compared to when they didn't use the juice.

  21. even though it may raise cortisol, how much of a raise is it? remember you are adding exogenus amounts of an anabolic substance to your body/blood. now obvioulsy we dont want anymore C if we dont have to have it. but you have to keep all things in mind and by all means dont take one study for absolute truth. the articel was posted more as to give everyone something to think about and try if they felt the need. some what like twice or three times daily doisng. splitting up dosing during the dasy may work better for most people, but if you never try it youll never know.

    you find some of the most interesting stduies though, another good one to stash on the jump drive card thinglol

  22. Bioperene probably is a better choice, and it doesnt seem to be hard to get. Those were good finds study wise.

  23. How would you go about taking it with bioperine? Take it 30 mins or so before taking whatever? Or take it at the same time?

  24. Bump to this.....never tried it, but always interested in the debates and the studies

  25. From personal experience I can say drinking GF juice does work. I respond to M1T VERY well almost too well as a 10 mg dose a day causes no additional growth but causes very noticable side efffects. 5 mg a day seems to be my sweet spot for gains with no sides. But when I took 5 mg a day with GF juice BAHM... back cramps like a bitch even with Taurine and felt like absolute ****.

    I am using it now with my 100 mg M1,4ADD that I have included in my current cycle in the cycle section and will post results soon.

    P.S. All of my M1T cycles included 4AD.


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