Opinions on first cycle, I'm ready

  1. Opinions on first cycle, I'm ready

    A little about me first, started the life in 2009
    Before: height 5'11, weight 137, bench 95, no squat lol or dead lol

    Now: weight 177, bench 275x3, squat 315x5, dead lift 315x8

    Been researching and such like a madman since I started will be 24 in august and want a real cycle, nothing extreme, I've tried some store bought ph cycles (mistake) and learned a bit from the 2 and a half cycles lol... I have the resources but I want different opinions instead of going with the opinion of one person.. Was honestly thinking of just test e and start reading up on anavar, my goals are to be 200 by year end, so a bulking cycle would be nice... Not a hellacious amount of water weight or lethargy, could I get some opinions??? Superdrol in two of the cycles I had, fuarrrrk!!! It made me big but lethargy back pumps emotions break ups and etc made me against ph

  2. Test e 400-500mg a week for 12 weeks followed by a sound PCT. This assumes diet is dialed.

  3. Test E for 12 weeks at 500mg/week.

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