proviron solubility???

  1. Lightbulb proviron solubility???

    I tried to make some proviron at 50mg/ml in a solution of 151 and .01% BA. The powder appeared to suspend when the liquid reached boiling point, but recrystalized as the solution cooled. Will proviron suspend in 151 or do I need a new solvent? Does the BA cocncentration affect the solubility in 151?


  2. 50mg/ml is too high, try 25mg/ml.

  3. I agree try dilute it down to 25 and let us know how that works.

    Yo KC whatsup bro haven't seen ya around lately. Glad to see your still around.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try and let you know how it works.


  5. I tried to dilute it to 25mg/ml and made it about 5.5% BA and it looks much better. There is still just a bit of crystal that has settled to the bottom. Would more BA or a little BB help keep this in solution. I know that playing with those can work wonders for a test solution. What do you think?
    PS - Kitchen Chemist- You are my hero! I made my first homebrew batch a loooong time ago based on one of your great posts.

  6. Would 50mg/ml be possible if PEG-400 was used instead of 151?? Has anyone tried this??


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