Can you help me decipher my blood work?

  1. Question Can you help me decipher my blood work?

    Can anyone help me decipher my test results? The doctor said all were within range except the ones shown below. I am ending week three taking:

    M1-T 15 mg (3 @ 5 mg)

    4-HT cyp 400 mg (2 @ 200mg)

    Milk thistle 600 mg (3 @ 200mg)

    NAC 1000 mg ([email protected] 333mg)

    I’ll start PCT tomorrow with 6-OXO:

    Week 1 - 600mg daily in two divided doses, morning and night
    Week 2-3 - 400mg daily
    Week 4 - 300mg daily

    Cholesterol (high) 201 0 – 200 mg/dL

    HDL Cholesterol (low) 7 32 - 96 mg/dL

    AST (high) 87 15 – 37 U/L

    ALT (high) 83 30 – 65 U/L

    Carbon dioxide (high) 31 22-29 mmol/L

    Is high carbon dioxide a result of weight training, or muscle breakdown?

    Are these values really that bad, and will/should they come back in “normal? range after PCT? The low good cholesterol seems really low. AST and ALT are indications of liver function, right? So should I be concerned by the values while I am “on?? I go back in 6 weeks for a retest, but in the meantime he wants me to take Lipitor. I’d rather wait and see what my body does after PCT before deciding to use that. What are your opinions? Thanks for all input and suggestions

  2. I would wait on the Lipitor, however, your total cholesterol is high especially on m1t. Hdl (that's the good one) is low, but expected on m1t which should improve during pct. The AST, and ALT are high, but not that bad, and this is also expected on m1t, and yes these indicate liver enzymes. Did you get blood tests before the cycle? I really don't suggest 6-oxo for pct you need something stronger like nolva or clomid.

  3. tattoopierced1
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    exactly...use nolva or clomid for your PCT.

  4. That is all going to happen with M1T...I'm actually suprised your liver values arent higher at 15mg/day.

  5. Thanks for the quick responses. No blood work done before, I wish I had done that now for comparison. The M1-T I'm using is Underground Labs brand, not convinced of the quality yet. I used VPX before and feel that I had better results with it, but can't quantify that. I'll need to do some research on the Nolva, I'm not familiare with it or how to use it. Is Tamoxifen Citrate the same thing or am I confused? Any recommeded site or thread/sticky, or just do a search? If the 6-OXO isn't good here, when is it, if ever? I used VPX Aromadex (original formula) before and thought it worked. Maybe it didn't, and I just dont know? Thanks again!

    Edit - I went to 15 mg, at 10 mg I didnt feel any effect. So if I'm not prepared with Nolva (have 6-OXO and Aromadex)) and am in week 3, which is lesser of the evils, continue with current cycle until I get it, or quit and do nothing until I get it?

  6. Yes.. NOLVA = Tamoxifen Citrate

  7. bump my edit

  8. Check out some of the sponsers for nolva for your pet rat. 6-oxo is better used
    on mild compunds like 1-ad 4-ad 14andro

  9. I'll do it, that's where I found the Tamoxifen Citrate. So is it a mistake to go longer on the M1-T until I get it? I thought 2-3 weeks was the max "safe" cycle length. Does the length of cycle increase any specific side effect's possibility? Gyno being a concern, although I know liver damage should be my first. (But I have alos seen the claims that M1-T won't cause gyno.)

  10. Buy the Nolva now (next time get this before any androgens) and continue to use the m1t until it arrives. UG labs puts out a decent product, and much cheaper than Vpx. As far as gyno, there have been issues with prolactin while on, however, after using any androgen pct is very important to get hpta levels back to normal as quick as possible. (this is what you should be concerned about)


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