I'm ready to kill my 1-Test Cyp

  1. I'm ready to kill my 1-Test Cyp

    Alright, for the past 2 weeks I've been messing with this crap.

    I had 60g of 1-Test Cyp I tried to brew at once.

    My initial goal was 200mg/ml with 10% BA and 10% BB. But that was crashing in less than 12 hours.

    Next I raised the BB content to 15%, filtered again using a whatman .2 versus the .45 orginally used and it still crashed in less than 36 hours.

    I've heat shocked this over and over, trying things like throwing them in a bucket of ice after for a real shock, and of course letting them cool very slowly as well without luck.

    What I'm left with is a solution at about 165mg/ml that starts to collect some crystals on the glass at about 36 hours, but not too bad. I thought maybe it would be ok if I warmed it up everytime I injected because it was coming out of solution so slow. So I tried injecting 1/2cc into my right delt as a test run...

    Bad idea.

    It's been 3 days now and my shoulder is swollen like a balloon. Can't hardly move it.

    From everything else I've read, it looks like I'll have to deal with this pain and swelling for at least a couple more days.

    Since then I've been experimenting a little. I've tried withdrawing 4cc of my solution and mixing it into a another vial with 2cc of pre-filtered oil to see if it would be stable at 125mg/ml. That turned into sludge within 2 hours, which leads me to believe 1-Test depends on a high BA/BB content to stay soluable, (which I diluted when adding 50% more oil).

    I've also tried mixing some in another vial with some premade 4AD Cyp @ 200mg/ml and that crashed as well.

    The only thing I have left to try is raising the BB content even higher than 15%.

    The swelling in my deltoid leads me to believe I'm at least mildly allergic to this compound as it is, so even if I get it stable, I don't think I'll be willing to use it. I will try another test shot if I get it completely stable, but I can't imagine the pain will be much less.

    My final thoughts on 1-Test Cyp: Stick to transdermal 1-Test because this isn't worth the trouble.

    I might post this stuff in the swap meet section to see if anyone is interested in 60g of 1-Test Cyp in solution. I have no use for it.

  2. i'm in about the same boat. waiting on my whatmans to try and filter again. wish i would have bought sledges.

  3. Have u guys tried 3% BA and 20% BB. It worked well for me with no pain at all. Oh yeah it held it at 200mg/ml

  4. 10% is pretty high ba concentration. I wouldnt go above that. You can go as high as 30% bb with no problems. Hope this helps

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Funny Monkey
    10% is pretty high ba concentration. I wouldnt go above that. You can go as high as 30% bb with no problems. Hope this helps
    No Crap! 10% ba would hurt like a bitch!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dickwootton
    No Crap! 10% ba would hurt like a bitch!
    I used 5% ba and 10% bb. I did this for both 5AA cyp and 1-test cyp. I messed up with my numbers and ended up making 100 mg/ml. Did you try to vent it and bake for 45 mins at 275F? 60 grams is a lot to make at once. You could try the ventrogluteal injection site. It's supposed to be less painful. I'm going to try it today. http://www.rippedcanadians.com/index...ject&nav=sites

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Funny Monkey
    10% is pretty high ba concentration. I wouldnt go above that. You can go as high as 30% bb with no problems. Hope this helps

    Yeah, I wasn't gonna go any higher than 10% BA.

    I would have tried increasing the BB beyond 15% already if I didn't run out. I've ordered more, should only be a couple days.

    My homebrewed 4AD Cyp is 5% BA and 5% BB and it's totally painless. I'm very happy about that.

    My shoulder is really swollen. To the point where people see it through my baggy clothes and ask what's wrong. I have to give them a long run around about how swelling happens very easily for me, even in the case of a minor muscle tear.

    I really hope this goes down soon.

  8. I would get the swelling checked out bro, you may think that it is simply irritation from the crashed solution but you may have an infection going on.

  9. Normally I would have it checked out by now. It's been almost 4 days and it's still as swollen and sore as the second day. But I've got 3 reasons why I think it's gonna be fine.

    1). Tribaltek reported the same allergic reaction to straight 1-Test Cyp. His pain and swelling lasted more than 8 days:

    1-Test Cyp not pain-free for me

    2). Coincidently, the day after the injection I had a wisdom tooth removed and the dentist put me on a 10 day course of penicillin VK. This should kill 2 birds with one stone if indeed it was infected.

    3). I never experienced any flu like symptons that I would have expected if this was an infection. I'm sure this is just a bad reaction. 1-Test Cyp is not something my body likes, and to make things worse, I made the BA content a little too high.

    Ibuprofen, ice, and bengay keep the pain and swelling down.

    Last week I tweaked my left rotator cuff, (muscle, not connective tissue), and by coincidence have had most of this week off of work, so I'm just taking it easy and letting things heal up. It's actually almost convenient the way it all worked out because I got script for vicoden from my dentist. It's been a fun little mini-vacation.


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