Forma stanzol

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    will definitely do the katanadrol,, sitting on four bottles,,, not sure when, but soon

  2. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179

    i need to learn more about the estro stuff, i get confused and i dont understand what the appropriate balance is.
    Every time I think I can speak with authority I end up putting my foot in my mouth,,, lol... have a lot to learn myself... I also, need to start saving these studies I run across and read, as well. Every time I mention a study that disputes what someone is saying they want proof... lol.. when I read the damned things, I'm doing it as a "learner." I need to start acting like a "teacher" and have these studies available to show people.

  3. finding the proper estrogen/androgen balance is something you can only do with experience. you are going to have to try different compounds, at various dosages to get a feel of what works best.

    too little estrogen is almost as bad as too much. it's a key hormone for the gainzzzz.

  4. I used to take 1mg adex ed out of fear of gyno... I have a very tiny, mostly unoticeable touch of gyno from when I lost a testical to an estrogen producing tumor at the age of 12,, wasn't until I dropped to .5 eod that I started to see the muscle gains I had expected to see from taking AAS'... The difference in gains from too much adex to just enough were no less than AWESOME!!

  5. I'm wondering about progesterone ... isn't progesterone converted to testosterone?? Forgive my lack of sophisticated knowledge,, I am relatively, still an AAS noob.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b
    That was actually really cool and simple,,, thanks!!

  7. Hella doesnt convert to estrogen so how are you getting nipp puffyness??
    Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    whats ur pct look like, im 3 weeks into hella and am having some nipple puffiness so i started using forma 3 days ago and it has almost all cleared up. i wont be using it in pct because im using erase. but you can use it in pct


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