cycle plan ????s & an intro.

  1. cycle plan ????s & an intro.

    hey yall-nice board-unique,good look & a neat name(i was actually thinking of putting up a board called anabolicmind-have to think of a new name now )

    anyway,like some input/ideas on a cycle-itll be my 1st tho i've been reading & researching for monthes...working on procuring my goodies(actually 2 cycles worth cause i like to plan ahead-lol)

    i'm 40+,6'1"-170ish(real small boned ectomorph)bf around 8-9%(guessing)@ most...experienced at workouts but coming back from an extended layoff.
    my goal is "keepable" lean mass(bout 15-25lbs would be nice)w/minimal sides..

    what i'll have(hopefully to work with=
    2 carts fina & kits
    prop(30 testovis)
    enant(20-30 icns or iranian enan's)

    i'm trying to decide on whether to do:
    *8 weeks
    *[email protected] eod
    *[email protected] eod(75 to start-increasing as i{if i}feel its prudent)
    *arimidex thruout
    *post cycle to be determined in a later post

    *12 weeks
    *test @ 400-500 pw(either enan or combo prop/enan)
    *fina for JUST the last 6 weeks(same as Above)
    *arimidex(all the way?start week 4?week 6?)
    *probably 5000 iu hcg 1/2way & at the end(prior to clomid/nolva

    -would like suggestions/thought/ideas relan A &/or B or alternatives if u think u a have better plan....
    -what about the bromo?
    -any thoughts on post cycle..preferably nolva or clomid/nolva combo(i think i'm more scared of clomid-depression,mood swings,acne etc..than i am the gear-LOL)

    thx a lot & sorry for the longwinded 1st post & questions,uro

  2. I would use the prop to front load and kick start your cycle. After that, you could run a 6-8 week cycle of tren and enan. I think that would be a NICE cycle. Im a fan of kick starting cycles with prop over dbol...dbol bloats the **** out of you,.. at least from my experiecne..

  3. I like option B. Just make sure if you mix the tests to keep the prop at least eod.

  4. I like version A but I would take the test out to 10 weeks.
  5. maybe i should have option c...

    Originally posted by Matthew D
    I like version A but I would take the test out to 10 weeks.
    for 10 weeks

    i'm hesitant to run fina for 8 or more weeks....esp on my 1st seems pretty harsh but a possibly excellent way to harden up & hit a stength peak...thought that might be good at the end & also give me a chance to see how i "feel" on test only & how i react to it as it will most likely be the "base" for any future cycles...

    -would u advocate fina wks 1-8 & test wks 1-10?
    -would test wks 1-10 & fina for the last 4 or 5 wks make any sense?

    **btw,i plan to switch to prop for the last 3-4 weeks(to be able to start clo/nolva ASAP)& use enant up till then-maybe a little prop frontload to get levels up faster too..


  6. No don't take the fina out to 10 weeks... I would say fina for 6 weeks. so it would look something like this with you front loading using the prop.

    1-10 test enth
    1-6 fina
    1-3 test prop frontload
    followed up with your nolva
    I would also use test as the base for all of your future cycles.


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