Advice on an all oral cycle??

  1. Advice on an all oral cycle??

    How does this look for an all oral cycle???

    DIANABOL10mg/tab-ANADROL 50mg/tab- PROVIRON 25mg/tab -NOLVADEX 10mg/tab

    1 3 tabs/day 1 tab/day
    2 3 tabs/day 1 tab/day
    3 4 tabs/day 1 tab/day 1 tab/day
    4 4 tabs/day 1 tab/day 1 tab/day
    5 3 tabs/day 1 tab/day 1 tab/day
    6 3 tabs/day 1 tabs/day
    7 1 tabs/day
    8 1 tabs/day
    9 1 tabs/day

    any input appreciated.

  2. Bad. Don't stack two methyls and don't taper dbol down. If I were you, I would choose one oral methyl, one oral nonmethyl and one oral test/dht base and this is if you are experienced with steroids.
    Life is nothing but big macs and hoes.

  3. yeah i thought as much, i was originally planning on doing this ( second cycle, first was winstol only)
    weeks 1-12 Cyp 500mg EW
    weeks 8-14 winny 50mg ED
    clomid starting day after winny

    but a friend of mine at my gym is doing the above cycle and i was just wondering if it was ok because it seemed strange to me

  4. Nothing wrong with stacking 2 methyls, but stacking anadrol and dbol is stupid.

    Add in sd, dzine, epi, alpha one, ultradrol, mechabol, these are all better options.

  5. I'd like to see a mechabol/epi cycle.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Stri8ed
    I'd like to see a mechabol/epi cycle.
    What's the point in stacking those two?

  7. My bad I meant bridge. I'd just like to see the results, mechabol being new and all.

  8. 6 weeks of mechabol then 6 weeks of epistane?

  9. Not an ideal cycle ---

    Try Dianabol at 50 mg/day for 6 weeks

    Proviron @ 100 mg/day for 6 weeks

    Call it good.....


  10. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b
    6 weeks of mechabol then 6 weeks of epistane?
    No lol that's too long. I mean 4 weeks mechabol and 4 weeks epi, but epi overlapping 2 weeks.


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