Best PH to stack to Nor-Diol?

  1. Best PH to stack to Nor-Diol?

    Is it true that 4AD and 19Nordiol arent good to stack together because of enzyme competition? Or is it that you wont run out of enzyme because of the way they convert?

    What is the best PH to stack with 19Nordiol for max gains on a short cycle?


  2. The enzyme will convert the diol intantly and go on to the next. So them "competing" is not big deal. There is enough enzyme to go around... My brother and i are on 500mg of 4-ad and nor /day right now and we really like it.. talk to ya..
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  3. Thanks for the reply, curt2go. How would you compare it to 1test, strengthwise? How about total gains?


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