Best and/or most cost effective PH for use with Triac

  1. Best and/or most cost effective PH for use with Triac

    What is the best ph to use with triac and what should the cycle look like? What is the most cost effective PH that I could get away with when on Triac and what would the cycle look like? I have read many threads on it and am getting a little confused on what to use. It seems that 1-test is good, but a little spendy and M1t is not desirable, right?

  2. The most effective and cost friendly would be m1t. When I took trimax lethargy was an issue at 2 mgs a day, adding m1t would have been horrible. Honestly out of the legal androgens out there m1t is the only safe bet, AAS on the other hand is a different story. Jweave had a cycle running with AAS and trimax, you might want to check that out.

  3. I liked m4ohn with triac.

  4. M1t...SS said that he got the best results as far as keeping muscle and not being flat when he used m1t w/triac.

  5. id use some 4ad with that as well



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