Question about sides from topical

  1. Question about sides from topical

    Been reading that home made topicals have about 30% bioavailability versus 10% if taken orally, so 1/3 the amount should give the same gains. If you are taking 1/3 the amount, will the sides be lessened or the same because your body is still getting the same net amount. Are some PH too large a molecule to pass TD? Seems that should be way easier on the liver although the compounds I'm considering (hdrol, 11-sterone) aren't methylated.

  2. Hdrol is methylated,,, not sure about homemade transdermals,, but I do know androgel only has a 10% absorption rate,, be surprised if homemade td's are superior to pharmaceutical ...

  3. Was going to use topical solution by PP, hdrol always makes me feel like crap.

  4. not everything can make it through a transdermal.
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  5. Wouldn't you just use pure DMSO?



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