GRRR... bald spot on the top of myhead

  1. Angry GRRR... bald spot on the top of myhead

    ... ok, so I gave myself a crew cut yesterday and I noticed a pea-sized bald spot on the top of my head... it feels like it has an indentation - almost like I must have banged my head against something. I remember I had an ingrown hair somewhere up there a few weeks ago and I scratched the crap out of it so I must have damaged the hair folicles OR it is the dreaded MPB due to androgens. I just finished a M1,4 cycle and hace 2 weeks left of 1-T/4AD dermal left on the cycle then PCT.
    Custom is out of the Spiro solution, they only have Azelaic Acid (5% solution). Anyone know where I can get Spiro?
    If I don't find it today I'll just call my doctor and see what he can do/prescribe.

  2. If it was truly from a cut, you can pretty much forget it - hair won't grow back if there is scar tissue there.

    (Although I can't imagine you scratching your own head to that point)

  3. "or is it the dreaded MPB due to androgens"

    sorry man it wasn't the androgens that caused MPB if you are going bald the androgens only accelerated the process it would have happened soon or later

  4. perhaps I should re-phrase my statement to "OR is it the accelerated MPB due to androgens". In either case, has anyone here used Spiro and/or Azelaic Acid with success? There are no reviews posted for either on the Custom site.

  5. Dr. Lee sells spiro at You need a consult first, though. You could grab some OTC Nizoral shampoo.



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