14add stacked with m4ohn vs high dose m4ohn

  1. 14add stacked with m4ohn vs high dose m4ohn

    I'm interested in doing a lean bulking cycle with these.

    I've done m14add stacked with m4ohn. It worked great.

    But this time I'm looking for leaner and dryer gains.
    I'm thinking of either running m40hn at 60mg ed for 8 weeks

    32-40mg m4ohn and 900g-1200g 14add for 6 weeks then
    m4ohn for another 2. 8 weeks total

    I've heard 14add converts to equipoise rather than d-bol.
    Very interesting, how would this differ from m14add effects.

    Any chance of gyno with it??

    My natural test is very high, so I'm thinking I could get good gains
    off m4ohn solo, and then need much less time to recover.

    Would the benefits of adding the 14add(strengthand some size)
    outweight the negatives(natural test shutdown)?
    I've heard nothing but praise for it thus far.(P.S is it still off the ban list?)

  2. I am dying to see someone use M4OHN ALONE.

  3. 1,4 would give lean results with no estrogen. I think you would benefit depending on your age. I would run them together not one after another. they both take some time to kick in.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jah_live10
    I am dying to see someone use M4OHN ALONE.
    I think most people have done it alone, especially when it first came out. Do a Search.

  5. Not at high doses. I'm thinking going up to 6omg ed maybe even 80.

    But for now I'm thinking 40mg m4ohn ed with 14add at 800mg ed.

    Equipoise sounds sweet, I wanna see what it does for me.

  6. let us know how that goes. I'm planning on doing a cycle of 30mg m4ohn and 900mg 1,4ad.


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