Unlimited gear....suggestions

  1. Unlimited gear....suggestions

    Hey fellas I've taken the last year off b/c of injuries and just wanting to give the body a little break. I've still been as active as ever and am now at the point to start again. I try to stay on top of all the new gear and developments as much as anyone. besides "mailing some to me" what suggestions do you guys have from personal experience. for a cycle if you basically have anything and everything. I have all size I basically want a little more in my chest and legs is needed but not enough to do another bulker of drol 75 or d-bol. Here is what I think I'll throw in i have a good idea of how I'll do it but I have seen a lot of ya'lls threads and good advice is allways needed I'm 6'3 225 8% bf; fina, equip. winny, var, masteron, all tests, dnp, clen, t3, l-dex and I can get anything or throw in anything ya'll might be big on...so let me know what you guys think and how you would stack it all together thanks guys

  2. I wish I had your problem of unlimited gear!lol For putting on quality size, i've always gotten great results from fina/test. you could add some winny to that also since you've got it. You could run that for 8 weeks or half the cycle(depending on how long you go) and then switch to EQ/test/anavar, or just save it for another cycle. I think using them all together would be overkill though. Another thing I do sometimes when I'm bulking is use clen at a low dose two weeks on then three weeks off. The reason for this is that clen has a "nutrient partitioning effect" that basically helps you use the food you eat better. And of course it also helps keep off a little of the bodyfat while bulking. The anabolic effect of clen is debateable but if it does has a significant one, the research says it wears off within a week or two. I know some people might disagree on using it this way but it's worked well for me.

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