? about 19-nor-5-diol

  1. ? about 19-nor-5-diol

    I posted this ? over at BB.com but no one has answered yet so I will try here.

    Does anyone have the lowdown on 19-nor-5-diol? A friend of mine got some and asked me about it (a buy first, ask later type) which I told him I really don't know much about it other than it converts to nortestosterone like all of the 19-nor's but most likely not as good as 19-nor-4-diol.

    Anything else special about this particular PH?

  2. estrogen special to u foxx?lol just j/k dont touch it nor injesct it..if it the one im thinking of its water based and highly estrogenic..if its the prolab version=bunk

  3. So your saying this PH has no value at all? I will pass this along to my friend. Why does it have such a high conversion to estrogen?

  4. im np expert foxx..but honestly think about it,its a nor and a 5 ..right now if he injects it he has more balls than me but just give him a week ,then i will have more..lmao

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