1. Turinabol

    So in 3 weeks I'm starting an OT cycle. I'll be running the OT 60 mg for 7 weeks. I plan on preloading milk thistle for 2 weeks and running CEL cycle assist while on cycle. I have nolva for PCT, planning on running it 20/20/10/10. I also have adex on hand and I'm considering running 2.5 mg eod. I know tbol doesn't armoatize into estrogen, but could it cause estrogen levels to increase? I'm gyno prone so I just want to play it as safe as I can. I also have some letro on hand but don't think I'll end up needing that.

    Stats are 22
    bench 250
    squat 465
    deadlift 385

    I hope to gain some strength from this cycle, but mainly I'm hoping to gain and maintain 10 lbs. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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