EPI VS Mechabol for recomp

  1. EPI VS Mechabol for recomp

    I have read on some other site that folks think Mechabol will be better then epi for lean mass and loosing bodyfat. I'm not sure how they know that as no one has received it yet

    but thought I would ask here on peoples thoughts


  2. Mechabol is "their take on p-mag"
    After running p-mag myself these are some of my observations:
    P-mag is a mild bulker or good for a lean bulk
    P-mag makes me hungry all the time

    After running epistane these are some of my observations:
    I got a very good leaning out effect, and increased vascularity. People noticed right away.
    I did not have any increased hunger.

    So if mechabol is similar to p-mag in either of those above areas it seems to me that you would be better off running epistane to lose body fat.

  3. Mechabol is what pmag turns into. So id imagine whatever pros and cons you got from pmag would be higher with mechabol.
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