What Prohomones do you recommend?

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  1. Lol no
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @ BossBody.net

  2. i thought at first probably what your thinking now... "another damn `total pct` product" ...and im not sayin use it as a total pct by any means... but it has novedex in it and its cheap! so just for the novedex and the liver/prostate support aspects of it i may incorporate it into my pct.

  3. yeah, anything otc is to be regarded as "on top of" a SERM, although with a SERM, DAA and Erase (or similar to erase) you are already good to go.
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  4. is this erase really the ****?

  5. Sorry don't mean to hijack thread, but if I go with Clomid for PCT does 50/50/25/25 sound good? or Torem 90/60/60/30?

  6. torem is my vote

  7. I would recommend not going with prohormones/ds. Do the real gear if at all possible. I have done both and there is no comparison.


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