William Llewellyn: 1 IN 3 EURO STEROIS-TOTAL FAKE

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by raiderdude View Post
    im guilty. i told manbeast where udca was at
    looks like we have a co-defendant. mr. manbeast has already been convicted, put on probation, and he has served his community service. You're probably going to be suspended, but since court cases take about 6 months to pan out on average....just continue posting as usual and we'll get back with you via the mail

  2. I wish jbry pos-repped in CEL caps.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ManBeast
    I came this || close to gettin negged by jbry, I think I'm one of the few who has (so far) remained unscathed
    How did I miss this thread? I got negged so bad in December by him. It was like 3000 points, I was such a b¡tch about it, I didn't get on here for a month. And I deserved it too....

  4. Hey, this thread is funny, I'll have to save it for when I need to recharge reps.

  5. Lol we all are victims besides Damn manbeast lol understandable tho. Do your thaaaaang Jbry
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