M144ad not working??

  1. M144ad not working??

    I've been running a cycle of M144AD for the past 2 weeks and have noticed nothing on it. I am currently at 120mgs per day split into 4 doses of 30mg each. I am also stacking it with 600mg of transdermal 4ad. This is planned to be a 6 week cycle, but I may cut it short soon if I don't start to feel anything. Should I try two doses of M144AD at 60mg per day to get my 120mg? This is my first time using M144AD, but my 5th cycle over all. My diet and training are all in check, I bumped my calories up to 1000 per day over my normal 3200 and all I have to show for it was 2 inches added to my waist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I think the 4 doses is ok. I think your taking enough also. the trans is twice daily right? what are your stats? keep in mind that both phs will bloat you. I really dont know why your not getting anything from it.

  3. What brand are you using?

  4. My stats are 5'11, 184lbs. measurements are
    chest: 42.5in
    arms: 15.25
    waist 35
    quads: 23.75
    calf: 15.6

    The transdermal is 2x a day, you were correct about that. It's two 333mg dosings, morning and night. The M144AD is by Designer Supps, I've been using their prodcuts for a long time and never had any problems with their quality before, so I don't believe that is the issue. I realize both products will produce bloat, and that is fine for me at the moment as I am on a pure bulking cycle right now, I am trying to get close to 200lbs by December. This was to be my last cycle of the year, but if it doesn't work well I may run another in mid-late December. I should also mention that I am running nolva at 20mg per day to starve off gyno, as my nips got a little puffy at the start of the cycle.

  5. Personally I would add some 1-T (TD) to this stack. Some have said that it took two weeks for the M14ADD to kick in (feel it) so I started off with S1+ (spiked) and M5AA pre-w/o. I've been stacking it with 4AD and 1-T and love it. I am getting very strong with little sides (save for bloat, and some acne). I'm on week three and definitely feel the power kicking like a mule. Weight gain has been significant, but I just came off a hard cutting phase so I was due to rebound anyway. I'm gaging my opinion of this compound based on strength gains and I'm definitely much stronger than when I was at 205 last Winter (I'm now up to 188 from 170).

    For the record, I'm using a combo of Custom's powder and DS's capsules (for convenience). I'm confident in both of their products.

  6. I would add 1-test, except for the fact it strips hair off me faster than I ever previously thought possible. So, that kind of rules that out. I guess I will be patient, as this is a 6 week cycle, guess I will give it another 2 weeks minimum and see what happens.

  7. give it 2 weeks at the dose your on. If it's not working bump it up 20 mg.

  8. I agree give it more time, and you should see results. Some people just don't respond to certain androgens, there have been a few that didn't respond to m1t even.
  9. M14ADD

    you need to up the dose some more. I have been on M14ADD for about 6 weeks now and the **** worked just great for me although i added some VPX 1-TEST to the mix and i have gone from 176 to 189lbs in 6 weeks. I have two more weeks left to go. I might throw in so M5AA. by the way i am doing 180mg ed


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