Didn't notice much write up about it having many heart sides untill I did a search with it specifically worded today. I had started Arimidex a little over a week before my heart attack. Started at .25 eod then decided to go .25 every 3rd day. So in total i only dosed 4 times. My last dose was the day before my heart attack. Now this might not mean much other then speculation if it wasn't for alot of my diagnosis from my cardiologist matched some of the possible side effects perfectly that could possibly lead to an attack. I do have family history of heart disease but I myself have never until now had an issue or any signs of heart problems. This isn't meant to scare people here but the likelihood of this being a contributing factor in recent events is too probable to be overlooked. Just an FYI goin out on how a missed flag can lead to a major problem and possible death in this game. I personally had no idea prior to my injury that there were heart conditions in my family nor have I had symptoms ever. I know alot of us read the sides to things and think , not me, or Ill take my chances and deal with it when/if it comes and being in extremely healthy shape makes the probability lower but it still can happen to the best of us.

I had alot more info I dug up regarding this and to back my situation up but typing on an iPhone blows and my fat ass fingers are cramping. I'll reply as needed to questions/comments