Any help with current blood work numbers....

  1. Any help with current blood work numbers....

    Recent results from blood work. Not fasted, taken around 12:00pm on Tuesday 3/6.

    Wondering if things look good, anything to change or hold off on before running another 12 week cycle of Test Ethenate at 500mgs per week with Anadrol 50 at 50mg the first 4 weeks.

    I ended PCT on my last cycle on 11/13/11. These numbers where just taken a few days ago as mentioned above. I would like to start the new cycle in the next 2 or so weeks if all of the numbers below look good. 43 years old if it matters. Currently only supplements are protein powder, BCAA’s, Multi-Vit, and EFA’s.

    Only thing I notice is libido is not super high and erections are a little soft at times but outside of that I feel good overall.

    Thanks for any input.


  2. looks pretty good, e2 is a bit towards the high side so you may want to be ready with or just add in an AI

  3. Thanks Easy. Yeah, I have aromasin on hand and normally run that while on and through PCT. I have thought about using something like Erase Pro for the next 2 weeks or so before I start my next cycle just to lower the estrogen a bit.

    Do you think that is a good idea? I am unsure, as I do not really know just how much things like erase pro really drop the numbers. So I do not want to drive it to low.


  4. I wouldn't be too worried about lowering in advance, but erase pro shouldn't drop it too low either

  5. Thanks for your thoughts. Appreciate it.




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