8 week cycle. 1test\4ad\5aa??

  1. 8 week cycle. 1test\4ad\5aa??

    I'm planning on doing an 8 week bulking cycle around the end of november.
    I was going to all out bulk for the first 4 weeks, then start cutting cals a little towards the end of the cylce while using t3\clen to get rid of water\fat gain and help get started for pct.

    My original plan is based on Strateg0s's recomendations. I was going to go with the high end doses.
    1test cyp 8 weeks 1000mgs
    4 ad cyp 8 weeks 1500 mg's
    5aa 8 weeks 500 mg's
    m4ohn 8 weeks 12mg's
    m14ad 8 weeks 90mg's (tentitive)

    I was planning on splitting that into 2 shots per week.

    Also, how much of a problem and\or hasstle is it to make these solutions?

    My biggest concern right now is the pain while using 1 testcyp, which i've been reading allot about.
    If It will be less painful to use reg test enth i would rather go that route. If i took the enth route, would it still be benificial touse the 5aa and 4ad cyp? or would i be better off just running it with some eq?

    As for stats 5-8 192 10%

    3 m1t cycles (on now) super 1+, m4ohn, mdien, mag-10, 4 derm.


  2. well heres my 2 cents,
    im running the same cycle but im using tranzdelmal 1t, 4ad and 5aa in pill form from dess supp....i started the cycle 3 days ago....ill fill u in , in about 3 weeks when i start to feel some results.....the thing is that my doses seem much lower then yours....ask NPersuit about ur doses he has given me the curren t advice on the cycle
    and good luck

  3. Your dosages for the 1test and 4ad look good. I am currently using those exact same dosages. As for the pain with the 1test cyp, what I have found helps the most is giving it a hot water bath for about 15 minutes once a week. I mix all of my shots in a 50/50 ratio of 1test/4ad. I inject two days a week. On sunday I shoot 2.5ml of the mixture in my right glute, and 2.5ml in my right quad. On wednesday, I shoot 2.5ml in left glute, and 1.25ml in each shoulder. It seems to be working alright so far.

    For the M4OHN, I would probably double the dosage to 24mg/day at least, but that is up to you. The M1,4 looks alright. Is the 5aa that you are using an injectable cypionate? I am assuming so. I would really like to give that a try sometime. If it is a cypionate, I would say that 500mg/week should be just right.

    You were talking about substituting the 1test with test enanthate, I dont think you want to do that. They are two totally different compounds. If you decide to run the test enan, you would want to drop the 4ad, because essentially that is what 4ad is, testosterone. Personally, if you have access to test, I would say drop the 4ad and go with the test. I wish I would have got some test for this cycle and used it instead of 4ad, for one it requires less injection volume per week, and another is that the gains will be much better than 4ad. The 4ad will still work good none the less.

    If you run the test, keep the 5aa and 1test in there if you want, I think that would be a really good stack. Hope that helps.

  4. Lets try this again, my last post didnt go through


    Whats up man this is ryan from t-mag back in the day.

    Splitting the dose (2 injection spots) seems like a good idea.

    Im concerned about the pain and swelling, i would rather go the legal route, but if ass herts less ill go with that. Also with the ass i wont have to mix the solutions my self.

    I had very good results with m4ohn at 12mg's.

    I have about 7 weeks to figure this out.

    Thanx again.

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